For the kids

The items listed below are from the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services

A Student’s Guide to the Legislative Process:
Students in grades 4 – 8 will enjoy this lively and simplified discussion of New Jersey’s legislative process.The organization of NJ’s government, qualifications for legislative service, legislative districts, and citizen involvement also are addressed. pdf

The Legislative Process in New Jersey:
A thorough description of how new laws are enacted and an easy reference flow chart.
(recommended for grades 9 – 12) pdf

State House Activity Book:
Elementary school students learn about the State House, State symbols and lawmaking through puzzles, games and activities.
(recommended for grades 4 – 7) pdf

Glossary of Legislative Terms:
Definitions of terms related to the legislative environment.
(recommended for grades 9 – 12) pdf

Pastimes• Pastimes and Trivia: and Trivia:
High school students test their knowledge of NJ’s legislative process and the people, places and events that have shaped our State’s heritage.
(recommended for grades 9 – 12) pdf